We are learning all the time


Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count is for all ages and all knowledge levels. Very few people are trained entomologists and butterfly specialists. We all learn constantly. Experiences are offered which will help to understand the world of Lepidoptera and include the types listed below as well as, of course, actual surveys in different habitat types. During these surveys techniques are learned and much information and knowledge is shared.  Check out our diary for current events. 


Workshops and webinars

The topics may vary a little each year and include

  • Introduction to Butterflies
  • Gardening for Butterflies
  • Identifying Butterflies
  • Immature stages of butterflies


Field trips and ecology walks

These events are intended to acquaint the participants with different habitat types and explain on site how ecosystems function, and how all components of nature depend on each other. These are also opportunities to observe first hand the importance of native larval host plants for butterflies, the work butterflies do as pollinators, and to see the effects of land use changes on butterflies.


LIght trapping at night

Of course, we want to know more about our butterflies' cousins, the moths. We therefore organise light trapping events which show us the abundance of the night workers among the lepidoptera.


Planting for butterflies

Brisbane's catchment groups also actively support planting events with butterfly host plants at the centre of such activities, as supporting butterflies always provides benefits for other fauna as environmental health in general. 


Find your opportunity to learn and to support Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count and its aims.