My Butterfly Story

My Butterfly Story

Butterflies are universally loved for their beauty and for what they symbolise. Hope, change and new beginnings are among the important cultural aspects linked to butterflies. However, everyone has their personal connection and reasons for loving them.  This section tries to capture some of them, and will grow over time.




Owen's Story

Owen Roberts (7 years old) loves butterflies. He is the youngest member of a family of butterfly enthusiasts. Owen is a wonderful example of how children as young as he is absorb information and learn to love the environment while having lots of fun. 

Karen's Story

Karen Roberts, husband Daniel, and their two boys Owen and Oliver use their spare time to go bush and look for butterflies. Karen's enthusiasm is contagious, and the love of butterflies has now also spread to friends, all going out exploring our bushland in search of butterflies. 

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